CourseIn is looking for online teachers.

We are looking for qualified teachers who are passionate about educating children. We value enthusiasm and creativity, and we expect our teachers to be willing to grow in terms of their professional development and ready to learn about innovative teaching methods.


Becoming a Coursein Teacher

What types of classes I will have?

There are 3 types of classes:

  1. Demo class: Demo class is a short period class will last one or two times, 25 min long each time. Teachers will get a bonus if any student purchased more classes after their demo (16 USD for each 64-lesson purchased).
  2. Regular class: One to Four classes lasting from 25 min to 50 min (Depends on courseware level). Each lower Level contains 64-lessons and higher levels contain 32-lessons. Time for each class is being set regularly, like, every Monday, Wednesday 19:00-19:25 etc.
  3. Customized class: Basically the same with regular class but with minor differences- Different Time set and Customized material.

Do I have to prepare teaching materials?

We will provide all teaching materials made by our own curriculum developer. But, we require teachers to prepare classes, write detailed lesson plans to ensure teaching quality of our classes.

Will teachers be asked to communicate with parents directly?

No. Our Students Care (SC) will have regular communication with parents. The only channel teachers will communicate with parents and students is class feedback system, it requires teachers to write feedbacks to each student in every class.