CourseIn is looking for online teachers.

We are looking for qualified teachers who are passionate about educating children. We value enthusiasm and creativity, and we expect our teachers to be willing to grow in terms of their professional development and ready to learn about innovative teaching methods.



Why bootcamp?

Our client’s experience is our core competitiveness and every teacher are the front line and our portrait in each class. We will select candidates with great experience or good potentinal to represent us.

How should I enter Bootcamp and what is the bootcamp?

  1. Our recruiter will arrange the bootcamp for you and give you few tasks will take you few hours to finish, such as how to use our online teaching platform and introduction of our courseware, etc.
  2. Meanwhile we will arrange a Live session (Every Tuesday & Thursday) to answer questions you may have, and give you detailed information of your demo.
  3. Rock the demo. (Every Wednesday & Friday)