CourseIn is looking for online teachers.

We are looking for qualified teachers who are passionate about educating children. We value enthusiasm and creativity, and we expect our teachers to be willing to grow in terms of their professional development and ready to learn about innovative teaching methods.



How old are the students? How many students are there in each class?

Our students are from 5 years old to 12 years old. And our classes are in one to four/ one to six models, facilitate group interaction and learning.

What is required to be a Coursein online Teacher?

We need your passion, care, teaching skills, and love to children to be a teacher; a laptop/desktop, webcam & headset, and good Internet to connect you with your student; and suitable time when our student is back home ready for class (Chinese Time Mon. to Fri. 18:00-22:00, Sat. Sun. 14:00-22:00).

How do I apply for this Job?

Please send us your resume and all teaching related certification or degrees. We will contact you.

How many steps there will be before I can start working?

  1. After interview we will ask you to go through our training material, and arrange an online Q&A for your questions.
  2. In the Q&A, we will tell you your demo topic.
  3. Signing contract.
  4. Orientation and ready to class.

What equipment do I need?

A laptop/desktop with:

Operating System: Windows: Windows 7 or higher

Mac OS: Mac OS X10.9 or higher

CPU: Intel i5 or higher

RAM: 4GB or higher

Screen Resolution: at least 1280×720

Internet bandwidth: at least 2 Mbps

Other requirements: Webcam, Headsets, and clean background.

We will provide you with the download link to our teaching platform software when you are ready for it.