CourseIn is looking for online teachers.

We are looking for qualified teachers who are passionate about educating children. We value enthusiasm and creativity, and we expect our teachers to be willing to grow in terms of their professional development and ready to learn about innovative teaching methods.



What are the teaching hours?

Monday to Friday 18:00-22:00 Chinese time

Saturday and Sunday 14:00-22:00 Chinese time

Rush Hour: 19:00-21:00 Chinese time

How can I know I get a new class?

We will send lastest class schedule via email. Also you can see it both on teacher.coursein.cn and calendar in Classin, the online platform that we are using.

How far in advance I will be noticed that I have a new class?

Regularly We will inform you 24 hours ahead. Shorter than that we will agree with you beforehand.

What’s the time difference between China and my local time?

We are in China Standard Time Zone (CST), which is UTC +8:00.

Can I change my working schedule during the same contract terms?

Please be cautious and considerate when you sign contract hours. We hope you can keep your contract schedule for at least six months. Please don’t over promise to sign more hours at first. If you have to change your schedule, please give us at least a 30 days’ notice.